Keep looking up :)

Lately, I’ve had some interesting things happen in my life and if I’m super honest, I can’t say that these things are really great or encouraging.  In fact, it seems that there’s been a rather steady flow of seemingly negative things and this can of course be discouraging / disheartening.  But my purpose for writing this is to encourage you that if you’re in a rough season like me, we have to encourage ourselves to keep looking up and to keep our eyes on Jesus.  I find that when I let my focus dwell on the hardship, discouragement and challenges that I can get overwhelmed, but when I keep my eyes on Jesus I find strength for my heart and hope for my future along with encouragement for the great things that God is doing with Saving Moses.  So let’s encourage each other to keep looking up – to keep our focus on Jesus.  Like my fb post says this morning:  let’s expose our soul to faith & love but let’s guard our souls from fear & doubt 🙂