focus is really important

Several years ago, I took a lesson in mountain biking and I learned REALLY quickly that where you focus is where you go.  I watched this happen with 2 of my mtn biking classmates who had major crashes because their focus became gridlocked on a hairpin turn.  When I came to the same hairpin turn, my instructor kept yelling at me to look past the curve.  My brain started to argue, but I decided to obey my instructor & I turned my head to see where the trail was going after the curve – when I turned my head to look at the trail after the curve, my bike naturally followed my focus and I never crashed in the hairpin curve.  This lesson about focus has helped me in all kinds of ways because it’s a continual reminder that I need to keep my eyes / focus on Jesus and not to get gridlocked on difficulties, impossibilities, etc – look past the curve.  Further to this point, I’ve been thinking about a really great verse in Ps 25:15, “My eyes are continually on You and you will pluck my feet from the net.”

With this in mind, here are a few things that help me to keep my eyes / focus on Jesus:

  • good praise & worship tunes,
  • being thankful
  • memorizing verses
  • prayer

Do you have things that help you to keep your focus on Jesus?  Please share!  🙂

4 thoughts on “focus is really important

  1. Yep, a couple things – similarly change your focus as the verse represents (God is looking down at us) to a heavenly or spiritual perspective. What is God trying to teach me from this event #1 and #2 using the Torah tradition of forcusing in on God at 9 Noon 3 etc (the watch times)to put our prayer life in line. Smiles

  2. Oh yah, forgot the third thing – Start out each day with the “buddy system”. Text over a verse to a friend or recieve one so that you keep in check / accountability while listening to the Spirit for guidance. More Smiles

  3. Doing my bible lessons on time; when i retired from nursing, last year, i signed up for 3 bible studies, and doing them consistently and on time has kept my focus on Jesus, and increased my love for Him.

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