When God seems quiet

I was reading in Job this morning & I read a verse about when God is silent. This kind of started me thinking about the times when God doesn’t seem to be talking. These times can be really frustrating or let me suggest that these times can be really rich in getting to know God better. Here are some things that could really help you in those times / seasons when God seems silent:
*sometimes God may seem quiet because we don’t give Them (Trinity) the chance to speak – we do all the talking
*for me, I know that God is sometimes quiet, because They (Trinity) are waiting for me to talk
*sometimes I think God is quiet because They want us to lean in & get closer
*sometimes quiet can be an indication of displeasure – is there something I’ve done or said that has been displeasing to God that I need to adjust? This can be a good exploratory question with God
*quiet in a relationship can be an indication of closeness & intimacy: I feel comfortable being quiet with some of my closest friends

4 thoughts on “When God seems quiet

  1. Sometimes my Father seems quiet, I just keep talking anyway! Helps prove my faith in Him! My brother Jesus loves that! He knows I’ve been paying attention to His words! The first commandment is still The First Commandment!

  2. Or maybe as the minister from Memphis explained to me ” sometimes I’z just sits and thnk, and then sumtimz I’z just sit.” Hmmmm Good Holy Spirit session – Smile

  3. I laughed and cried when I read your blog today. God has seemed quiet for many years for me. But lately He(I like They!) has been intensely communicative…I’m having the time of my life! Never, ever give up.

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