don’t quit

When I was recently in Angola with Saving Moses I had an experience that has really been haunting me.  If I understood the situation correctly, I met a mom who had seemed to give up hope on her baby surviving and I’m deeply affected by this – so much that this experience is really starting to challenge some of my thinking.  I think that there are situations where I quit too easily for various reasons (disappointment, discouragement, lack of progress, bad reports, setbacks, etc).  Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean that I should quit or give up.  And even if I’m only making microscopic progress, I’m challenging myself not to quit.

So my encouragement to you is don’t quit!

  • Don’t give up on yourself.
  • Don’t quit on God
  • Don’t quit growing
  • Don’t quit trying
  • Don’t quit on your kids
  • Don’t give up on your potential
  • Don’t quit

6 thoughts on “don’t quit

  1. Glad to know you are not giving up on “that” situation. God is overseeing it. Trust in Him and be glad to know that without you and the work you do we would lose so many precious little ones. I know your heart runs deep for these children, but they have all been blessed by you. Definitely don’t quit; and thank you for your inspiration. Blessings.

  2. so important are our friends in Christ Jesus…I have been so down in my insecurities old issues of lack of trusting others that I continue to fight in faithfulness….finding your help even though not ever actually meeting you in person our spirits unite in Christ. It is like I am a tomato plant and you are stake holding guiding me in the growing faith God has given me . I hope to be a stake helping another in their growing in Christ as you have to me. Thank-you Sarah. 🙂

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