A few lessons from my mom

My mom is a really amazing person on many levels & I have massive respect for her. She’s a great mom & has taught me some important things:
*dont quit – my mom is tenacious!
*have more confidence in the Bible than how you feel, what you hear or see
*be gracious
*teamwork can achieve more than individual efforts – the sum is greater than its parts
*use what God gives you always to exalt Jesus 🙂

6 thoughts on “A few lessons from my mom

  1. Sarah, it’s a blessing that both parents have taught you well and now you can pass all that you have learned and still learning to your children as well.

  2. How powerful, direct and so clear as to what each point means! Yes, just like your mom. :-). Love u both so much.

  3. Still love your dad’s quote on being careful about “gals,glory, and gold”
    what a pair – Blessings

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