Welcome to South Sudan

We just arrived in the very new country of South Sudan, capitol city: Juba. Next month, July, this country will be two years old & so it is very much in its infancy. I’ve never been in such a brand new country, so I’m excited for all the new adventures that await us this week! I’m also very happy to have arrived in the country after anticipating & planning this visit for well over a year. I have a keen anticipation that the experiences for this week will be nothing like I’ve ever had before – so I’m both excited & a little nervous. I’m nervous because our mission with Saving Moses is to save babies 0-5 where the need is most urgent & the care is least available. While this mission is very compelling, it can be more than heartbreaking at the same time. So stick with me throughout this week & we’ll take the adventure together! The picture is of the airport 🙂