Adventures in South Sudan

We’ve been in South Sudan for almost 24 hours & it has amazing feeling of hope & optimism with some undercurrents of struggle & hardships. The people are absolutely beautiful, graceful, confident & warm. So far, it seems to me that they don’t have any space in their thinking to see themselves as victims. They seem pragmatic & live as engaged in daily living on the path of progress.
We will be making our first visit to a refugee camp in about an hour & they say that these particular refugees have been displaced at least three times, trying to stay alive from various armed insurgents & rebel forces. I’ll be interested to see how their treks & survival efforts have affected their babies & toddlers. Stay tuned for more observations.
In the meantime, here’s a picture from our hotel last night – each “room” was made of two shipping container & nicely appointed on the inside, for container quarters ,)

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