making wise choices

There’s a scene in the Indiana Jones’ movie, “Last Crusade” where a knight who was protecting the holy grail says to Indiana Jones,  ” you have chosen wisely “.   I always remember this line because it was like a culminating exhale & relief part in the movie after something disasterous had happened. 

So here are some thoughts about making wise choices:

  • chose love over fear – when we get scared, insecure, frightened or intimated, we can make some foolish decisions;  remember that perfect love casts out fear
  • chose love over sarcasm – sarcasm stings but genuine love soothes
  • chose love over unforgiveness – unforgiveness is a prison that can make a person shrink into oblivion
  • chose love over apathy – we are make to participate & engage with our world, not to withdraw or disconnect;  zombies aren’t real ,)

Love is an active decision that we get to make mutliple times throughout any given day – chose love and chose you will chose wisely 🙂