come with me :)

This upcoming week, I’m WAY EXCITED because I get to visit our first nightcare facility in Cambodia with Saving Moses!!  We’ve been running our nightcare program now for a little over a year & I’m so excited about our growth and our future opportunities – WAY EXCITED!!  If you’re not familiar with nightcare with Saving Moses, this is where we provide care during the evening & night for the babies of prostitutes while their moms work.  Nightcare for these babies meets a very urgent need for because there’s no viable care available for them while their moms are working.  Over the past year, we’ve grown and matured so I’m crazy excited to return to Cambodia next week, visit our babies and look into the possibilities of even expanding and opening a new facility.  So follow me on this really cool journey and let’s see what genuine love looks like for Saving Moses in the form of nightcare 🙂