Keep Some Light

Sometimes we can be in really dark situations or seasons in our lives. Darkness can be lots of different things: bad environments, yucky people, wicked things that happen to or around us & lots of other things ( I’m reminded of one of the neighborhoods that I walked in for a possible new nightcare location in Cambodia with – a totally evil & wicked place that was overwhelmingly dark even during the day).
With that being said, lets be mindful to keep Jesus as the Light in our hearts – dont let the darkness seep into your thoughts or emotions no matter how strong it may seem. Darkness never overcomes Light so lets stay full of Jesus in our hearts so that we can bring light, hope & genuine love to any darkness that could be in our lives 🙂

2 thoughts on “Keep Some Light

  1. You know I hate looking through a veil but sometimes God doesn’t let us see what is around the corner – No matter whether it is a storm to water what is planted or a meadow, but it is all for our ultimate strength and his will for our lives and His plan. So don’t rebel or say “why” just enjoy the day. Smiles and Blessings because you are special (I know sometimes you want to say “God, can someone else be special for me today” – hahaha

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