nightmare or nightcare

Three nights ago I had a really bad dream.  I dreamt that I was in a foreign country & I was helping some babies who were extremely needy.  As I was dreaming, however, I had this feeling during the entire dream that I there were lots of babies where I was that were in very significant & desperate need.  It almost seemed like I was being kept from seeing them because I wasn’t strong enough to see them yet, since they were in such bad shape.  When I woke up, I had this lingering feeling that I’m still not in a place yet to be able to be able to help these desperate babies.

As I’ve been thinking about this over the last few days, I’ve been considering the work we do with Saving Moses with nightcare.  It is absolutely heaven for the babies in our care at night time:  they get a nice warm bath when they arrive, they get to play with cool, age appropriate toys, surrounded by workers who safely love our babies and toddlers, dinner and then a safe & protected place to peacefully sleep through the night – heaven 🙂

Without nightcare, the night time for these babies are more like nightmares.  Perhaps I had this dream to decrease the nightmares by increasing our nightcares.