Jesus Chicks

Over the year or two, I’ve looked in depth at the women who were in Jesus’ life & have been totally blown away!! There is an amazing & totally astounding connection between Jesus & various women in the Gospels with whom He interacted. Some take always that I’ve learned from this 2 year journey with these women & Jesus include:
*women have a very special place in Jesus’ heart
*jesus connects with women on very deep, emotional & heartfelt levels
*the interactions that these women had with Jesus left them changed – some profoundly & some in small ways, but changed nonetheless
*Jesus was never harsh, attacking nor cutting with any of the women in the Gospels
*women in Jesus’ life played very unique roles

Can you pls give me some feedback: would you like for me to do a blog like 1x / week about a different woman in the Gospels? Thanks for your input!!

13 thoughts on “Jesus Chicks

  1. I loved seeing Lee Grady on the show the other day and learning about his Mordecai project. Great mission! I think this is such a great topic, especially because “the world” seems to be in the mindset that Christians put women down and are against “women’s issues.” Not true! Anything to raise awareness of how much Christians value women is a great idea.

  2. Hi,Sarah please do share with us more about women who encounterd Jesus each week,it really uplifts my faith and to know my identity as a daughter of Zion!!!

  3. You’ve got guys reading too 🙂 Perhaps handle the topic(s) of chauvinism that is still alive and well in the church.

  4. Probably just asking the question was more interesting than the article – along with the 90% plus female responses. Anyway – asking the wrong source for the answer to the question – Spirit of Truth is your answer, un-huh – unless you’re just wanting human affirmation. Did God ever take a vote??? Smiles

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