Jesus Chix: Martha

The first time that Martha met Jesus, she was pretty wrapped up in performance:  cleaning, cooking, busy with meal preparation & lots of hustle / bustle.  I love how honest she is with Jesus: make my sister stop listening to you & get her to help me with all of this work!!!  And for those of us who are caught in the same rat race, maybe Jesus says the same thing to us, “Martha, you’re busy & stressed out with many things, but only ONE THING is necessary . . . . ”  One Thing.  If we live our lives with a One Thing paradigm, I wonder if we would be more effective & fulfilled 🙂

The next time we read about Martha is in John 11, after her brother Lazarus has died.  Again, she has a house full of guests who have come to mourn & grieve the loss of her brother.  Despite having all of these guests, Martha learned from the previous One Thing conversation, left everyone to go out & chat with Jesus.  Not only did she have an amazing discussion & learn new things about Jesus (I am the Resurrection), she also got to see her brother get raised from the dead.

Let’s make the One Thing adjustment – letting Jesus be all things essential in our lives, then fasten your seatbelt & hold on for the adventure of a lifetime!!