getting things done

Happy Mon to you!

As I write this, it’s about 8:15am & I’ve already had a million things that I need to accomplish running through my mind & I’m hoping I don’t forget any of them.  Even though I try to do all of the helpful reminders, checklists, etc, the forgetting part can make everything double stressful.  So where does God fit into this scheme?

The answer is:  wisdom.  In Prov 8:30, it talks about how wisdom was right along side God as God created the world, taking delight in God’s creation.  It seems to me that creating the entire universe could be a rather stressful task, but maybe this wasn’t stressful because God is God & wisdom is with God.

So friends, let’s ask God for wisdom to be with us throughout each day & in all of the things that we have to accomplish & with our various responsiblities.  To get things done, let’s ask & receive wisdom from God 🙂

5 thoughts on “getting things done

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I tweeted that u had a Gr8 Word on your prgm this pm,but the Hackers deleted it immediately! :/ Anyway,what else is new,huh??
    Its true not everyone makes it to the battlefield with you….But God,sends His Warring Angels to guarantee victory! Amen? Sometimes God says: “Wait &Listen.” I speak in tongues aLOT nowadays, Holy Spirit to work on behind the scenes on my behslf in my crazzy,seemingly impossible situations! 21 yrs now,but Daniel had to wait 21 days while Archangel Michael warred with satans angel,so I believe my time is here!!! \o/ ! PTL! 😀

  2. Aha! Speaking of Daniel – Great Example 9am – Knowledge for the Day / Noon – Understanding of Events / and 3pm Wisdom to Discern the Difference. Believe me it takes discipline to take just a moment at those time junctions, but isn’t that what maturity is all about? We like to throw all 3 of those ideas in the “Bullet Blender” and rush off for the days activities, then wonder why at 3pm we are out of steam!!! Or, we like to “free Willy it” and let what comes naturally. Hmmm wonder if there is a Montessori Graduate School? Yes, and where did you get your doctorate from University of Montessori – Hahaha Have a Great Day..

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