getting messy

My son is taking a camping trip this weekend, so I’m trying to help him be prepared for the various activities, fully expecting him to come home dirty, messy and totally happy 🙂

The idea of getting messy can be a tricky experience in various contexts, like leadership, relationships, cooking experiments and lots more.  But here’s an interesting thought I’ve been considering.  When God created the universe, the creation came to a grand culmination when man was created.  With everything else that was created, God spoke the creation into existence.  But when God created man, there was a lot of personal interaction – God sculpted man from the dirt.  But here was the tricky part: God could have made this beautiful and perfect sculpture and set it in a beautiful and perfect creation with no mess.  But God went the next step and breathed into the sculpture the breath of life and thus began the human race with all of the messy parts, pieces, plans, failures and glories.  Maybe there was a fleeting moment in God’s mind about doing the breath of life thing – knowing what would come from that decision.  God chose life and all of it’s messy displays, relationships, wars, etc rather than to make a pristine and perfect garden that lacked humanity.  Genuine love chooses life 🙂