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Greetings & happy Wed to you!

I’m doing some work in 2 Bible verses on which I’d like to get your feedback.  Here are the verses where Jesus says:

John 16:23-24, “In that day you will not question Me about anything. Truly, truly, I say to you, if you ask the Father for anything in My name, He will give it to you. 24″Until now you have asked for nothing in My name; ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be made full.”

So here are some questions that I have & I’d be keen to hear your thoughts or feedback:

  • have you ever asked God for something & didn’t like the outcome of your request?
  • what do you think Jesus means when He says, “ask & you will receive so that your joy may be full.”?
  • what do you do with any disappointment you may experience from various requests to God that may not get answered in the way you wanted?

I know that I usually try to write encouraging things in my blog, but if you’d be inclined, I’d be super interested to hear your thoughts on these questions 🙂

Thanks muchos!!

13 thoughts on “please give me your input

  1. 1. Yes I have prayed/asked God, and though the outcome was quite different and not understanding it. I’m having to trust God that He truly knows best for me and be patient.
    2. From reading God word and God gives us the true desires that are good and His plan, I believe when I go and ask that his plan is being fulfilled for my like. He truly doesn’t give us or lead us to hurt or harm.
    3. Just trust that my future and all that concerns me Is in His hands. Remind my self of what God says he has for me
    Jer 29:11

  2. YES YES YES.. I Have asked God numerous things, only to get no response or a flat out no. that is when i step back and say “ok God, your ways are better than mine!!” That is also when i pray that i will be mature enough to accept HIS ways over mine, and to not miss opportunities when HE is speaking and guiding me..”ask and you will receive”.. i believe when we ask according to HIS word, HE will grant our requests when they are lined up with scripture and we are asking out of a pure heart… nothing we ask that is not lined up with HIS word will come to pass.. joy may be full.. how can our joy not be full when God is in the midst!!!

  3. The joints in my face are malformed which makes it almost impossible to open my mouth. I have been waiting for months now for approval from my Insurance Co to approve surgery. I’ve prayed about this for months. Yesterday I heard of a child on death’s bed waiting for approval from her Insurance Co. Wow Lord she needs you more than I. I don’t know your time Lord but I can wait.

  4. Yes, definitely, there have been times when I asked God to heal someone, or, during the presidential election, I prayed very hard and did not get whet I wanted. but since I am born again, I know God hears me and answers what is best for me and for others. At those times I ask,”Lord what are you trying to say to me here?”
    Then I journal, and ask those questions, and God answers my questions. I know it is God speaking to me in my journaling when 1) the answer is scriptural 2) circumstances line up and 3) I get an impression on the inside from God.
    Then I meditate on the answer, sometimes for days.

  5. I asked the lord thy savior. But. My out come is more than I got. I got both of best worlds. The Good, and the Bad. The good want’s to know more. But the bad want’s to take the good away from me and them. I am trying to make it. Money wise. But all I got is a Financial Burden. Filed for Bankruptcy. For no reason at all. I am a singer and songwriter by trade. But I also am producing a movie. Which is taking longer than expected due to it being based on a True Story.

  6. God is amazing,He answers prayers in different time frames some instantely and some can take more than a year.I have been praying for my career for two years now and i have faith that this week i will get my answer.As christians no matter how difficult the situation is we have to continue digging the wells of prayer just like what Apostle Paul says pray unceasingly.
    Let us keep on expecting from God and believing that He has heard our prayers.

  7. OH Dear Gracious Jesus! in the drought right now. I;v been asking God for something concerning my son,and it has not been answered, in fact it got worse. what I think the part of the verse means to me is what ever I ask in jesus name would be granted…. what a fool I am to even believe that- and how am I processing my disappointments……finding ways to punish my self, no one could have been in prayer closet as long as I was…… every day…. almost 24/7- till finnally I gave up after 2 yrs……… now I;m back sliding, how does that feell you might ask….. not good 😦

  8. God supplies all our needs according to His riches in glory. If someone goes on to heaven – it’s a better place – so what do we have to worry? His eye is on the sparrow and He loves us even more. The question isn’t what is someone elses destiny but what is ours? Why did God put us on the earth at this point in time? Why do we take thought for tomorrow? Our focus should be on our personal relationship with our Lord and Savior – everything else is vanity…so if it is the Lion’s Den or the furnace, then so be it. Most of us need to pull up our big boy/girl panties and go on with life. It is God’s choice to give and if we go on to heaven, then TOUCHDOWN!!

  9. The answer depends on your level of contentment and your maturity in your walk with the Lord. Early in my relationship with God I would have been dissatisfied or questioned the Lord if my prayer was either unanswered or answered different, but now 20 years later after many trials and learning experiences, the Lord can answer however He wishes because I know that no matter what the answer it is only for my good because He loves me. I am thankful He loves me and provides all I need. Remember, we are to seek the Lord with everything we are and He will supply the desires of our heart the way a Father knows best.

  10. The key is to always thank God in advance for what He is going to do—knowing His will for us is always for the best (even if we can not see it at the time) Jesus, our advocate, is always there to intercede.

  11. More times than I can count. 🙂

    I honestly don’t know. However, I do think that many teachers of the Bible, especially Charismatics, have not taught that verse correctly. For instance, many years ago, I read various Kenneth Hagin books, and he basically seemed to say that if you have enough faith and are obeying God and walking in His promises, you can always get anything you want from God. But based on my own experience, I don’t think that’s true. I would like to know how the Early Church interpreted those verses, since they seemed to have a far greater understanding of the Bible than we do today.

    It depends. If it’s something small, I can usually get over it quickly. But what if you pray for years and years and don’t see any positive results at all??? In such cases, it can be extremely difficult not to get resentful and bitter. So, as I said, it all just depends. Sometimes I get very angry at God, but the Bible says it’s OK to get angry if you don’t sin. (Of course, sometimes I cross that line too. ;)) Anyway, I think it’s better to be completely honest with God, even if your emotions are really ugly, than to just stuff all your emotions and disappointment and then passively, feebly say: “Thy will be done, Lord.” In fact, I think emotional healing comes much more quickly when you acknowledge your negative emotions/feelings to yourself and God. Denial just doesn’t work.

  12. I used greater-than/less-than signs to quote each of your 3 questions before each of my paragraphs above, but they didn’t show up. So, if my reply seems confusing, that would be explain why. 😉

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