the arm thing

I posted a pic of my arm yesterday on FB with the request for prayer so I thought I’d make a quick followup explanation of the ugliness:  I have really fair skin & recently found something that looked irregular.  I popped into the dr’s office & he cut it out for a biopsy & concluded that it was basal cell something or another (the “good” kind of skin cancer).  I returned a 2nd time to the dr because they didn’t get it all out the 1st time so the picture yesterday was the latest round of excitement & this time it hurts, so that’s why I’m asking for prayer.  I totally get that on the grand scheme of things, this is way on the whimpy side (having held dying babies with Saving Moses & seeing toddlers playing in the same room where their prostitute mom works at the same time) – this is a blip in comparison to many atrocious things in our world, including gov’t shut downs.  But let’s also remember that Jesus said that our Father knows when we lose a hair on our head so our Father is very engaged with our daily living in a very personal way, even with frustrations that can be a small as skin difficulties, so let’s continue to pray for & encourage each other 🙂