the arm thing

I posted a pic of my arm yesterday on FB with the request for prayer so I thought I’d make a quick followup explanation of the ugliness:  I have really fair skin & recently found something that looked irregular.  I popped into the dr’s office & he cut it out for a biopsy & concluded that it was basal cell something or another (the “good” kind of skin cancer).  I returned a 2nd time to the dr because they didn’t get it all out the 1st time so the picture yesterday was the latest round of excitement & this time it hurts, so that’s why I’m asking for prayer.  I totally get that on the grand scheme of things, this is way on the whimpy side (having held dying babies with Saving Moses & seeing toddlers playing in the same room where their prostitute mom works at the same time) – this is a blip in comparison to many atrocious things in our world, including gov’t shut downs.  But let’s also remember that Jesus said that our Father knows when we lose a hair on our head so our Father is very engaged with our daily living in a very personal way, even with frustrations that can be a small as skin difficulties, so let’s continue to pray for & encourage each other 🙂

4 thoughts on “the arm thing

  1. The nurse in me wanted to say what the Holy Spirit was speaking when I saw the picture posted last evening on Facebook. However, instead I just spoke my decree and declaration for new skin to cover that area of your arm and His supernatural UV sunscreen protection at all times to cover you as the Blood of Jesus, which never loses its POWER! So amen for that confirmation today. You’re covered in limitless SPF Jesus sunscreen protection. 😉

  2. He does care about everything we each go through! 🙂 Love you and so grateful you are open, honest, and always helping others to grow along with you! ❤

  3. Precious Sarah,
    You don’t apologize when you’re under attack from the enemy. YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK! Your pain is REAL!
    Cancer is a spirit that we bring down into obedience to the name of Jesus! This ugly foul spirit has no legal right to be in your body! Soo we say & do what Jesus said & did which is what His Father said & did. Command it to leave, in Jesus name! Amen? YES, AMEN!
    My family has spent our whole life in the Hot Florida sun! Most have had skin cancer. Many of us have that fair, red headed type of skin. More &more have had skin cancer removed, &usually stay in the Surgeons office waiting to see if Dr has to take more layers! My brother has a similar incision to yours just a few weeks ago, & it was painful! So, I bound it , & cast out the ugly spirit, in Jesus name. \o/!
    You need to build up your immune system with Ambrotose Powder & probiotics & enzymes to repair & restore your GI tract where 75+% of your immune system is contained.
    Dr Ben Carson has an incredible testimony of how he treated his advanced aggressive prostate cancer years ago with natural products.
    Anyway, I’ll keep praying for you.
    Speak in tongues, a LOT! Decree Healing Scriptures like your Mom did .
    Shes amazing. ❤ in Christ, ;Pj

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