a good and proper insult

“Use the crosswalk, you  *=^%@(>*%!!!!”

I had a lady yell at me the other day for not using the crosswalk and of course I had a few choice words and actions with which I immediately wanted to “bless” her – smile.  Ever been in the same situation?  Of course we all have and here’s the real rub, she was right.  She could use some diplomacy improvements, but despite her methods, her observation was 100% accurate.  It’s unfortunate that we often get too offended from correction & someone’s obvious lack of diplomacy to learn, grow and improve.  If a person is trying to hurt you & be mean, maybe the best way to get even with them is to respond is with grace, poise and humility and maybe even repentence, when its appropriate.  I guess Jesus said that we should turn the other cheek for a good reason ,)