my dad died a year ago

Tomorrow will mark the 1 year anniversary of my dad’s death & it’s been an interesting journey over the last year with some good & some not so good stuff.  While I have no intention to ignore the “not so good stuff,” I think you’ll find it more helpful & interesting to read of some of the “good stuff” today (maybe I’ll do the “not so good stuff” in a subsequent blog):

  • about 2 months ago I had a really vivid dream about my dad & it was extremely comforting.  I dreamt that my dad was hugging me like he did when he was alive & really healthy – super strong & caring
  • people have been exceptionally kind, caring, patient and generous with words, time and support
  • I find that God the Father seems more real to me now
  • I have grown more dependent on God for more things in broader areas of my life – good for an independent soul ,)



5 thoughts on “my dad died a year ago

  1. I’m right there with you! It’ll be a year for my daddy Oct 29th. What a year it’s been. Time doesn’t stand still for us either does it? Thank you for your openness and transparency. I’ll admit I cried a little bit when I saw this. I believe the loss has actually increased my level of compassion in me. Love you Sarah!

  2. God has stepped even closer to ur side since ur Daddy is not there. More good ‘stuff’ is on the way. :-). Love u little sister!

  3. My parents died together in 1969, I was 21, with 3 younger sisters. Our family was very dysfunctional, but the Lord took over as our parent, Psalm 27:10.

  4. It’s actually all good but the rest of the chapter hasn’t been written to show you – for all the reasons that you will know why… but it doesn’t stop you from reminiscing and whatever is good, whatever is honorable..choose always to think on those things. Smile

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