Getting Better!

There are lots of areas in my life that I’m trying to improve: fitness, cooking, relationships, ministry, leadership & more. If I’m not careful, all of this could be overwhelming. But this is something my dad would always say, “inch by inch, it’s a cinch but yard by yard it’s hard.”
So I’m making incremental changes & starting to see some improvements. I can tell that my health is getting better, my cooking has fewer burning torches, some relationships have been more stable & there are some other good things that are going on. So let’s keep our focus on God, remain thankful & keep growing inch by inch 🙂

One thought on “Getting Better!

  1. Well with all the demands by commission, ommission, and self imposed it is truly a challenging trail that you are on – but what I see after following your comments for over a year is that some releases you are willing to deal with – some you don’t- and some you try to avoid but won’t. As they say in the South “Bless your heart”.
    Any one that simply watches your program could catalogue the tremendous change (stages) that you have been going through in the past several years. Yowser. But the one thing that is consistent is your voice – it is full of love and concern.
    You seem to be caught between the management of the details while trying to paint the dream and live with the image. Soooooo just be you – remember the one thing!

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