course corrections

I was reading this morning in Hebrews 12 about how God corrects, just like a loving father corrects & disciplines his children.  I used to hate the whole idea of correction & being disciplined.  If the truth be told, there has been an arrogance in me about receiving correction.  In the past, I had the mindset that I did things so well that I didn’t need correction – which of course set me up for some very serious confrontations and painful corrections.  Being corrected & discipline isn’t fun.  It hurts.  But here are a few points in Hebrews 12 that have helped me about receiving correction:

  • correction is evidence of love – Heb 12:6;  no love, no correction :/
  • God’s correction is for our benefit – Heb 12:10
  • when God corrects you, decide to endure  & change:  don’t faint when God corrects you – Heb 12:5
  • God’s correction yields good fruit in our lives (peaceful fruit of righteousness) – Heb 12:11

2 thoughts on “course corrections

  1. Hmmm course correction hmmm – is that another word for OUCH!
    My woofer is a little head strong and strong. He can put his whole body in “granny low” – first gear and pull a 250# shopping cart at Lowe’s. So sometimes I have to alter his direction when he is dead set for some new smells and adventures.
    One of my assistants was sick with a cold/flu and didn’t want to miss work because no work-no pay, not caring about putting others at risk. Well, so after the weekend and I don’t get sick very often guess what – despite all the verses. Granted it is almost over, but what are you trying to tell me something God, as I passed by that $25 flu shot at King Soopers? Hmmmm

  2. Thank you for this. It really hit home. I have also really been resistant to correction (feeling like I try so hard to be perfect) but recently I have been corrected a lot and it’s been such a blessing and a way to grow spiritually.

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