I went to my daughters basketball game & embarrassed myself pretty well. Thankfully, my daughter isn’t stressed out & she enjoyed getting to play & have some fun with her team, which is great. In the meantime, I need help. I need to get some help on how to enjoy her games without getting so massively competitive. Of course I want to attend her games & of course I don’t want to be that freak parent who can’t control themselves. So I’m working with God in this new area. I’m asking for God to give me help, self-control, discipline, strength & grace.
Lets always be open to exploring new opportunities to trust & lean into God.
She has another game tomorrow night, so I’ll keep you posted ,)

4 thoughts on ““SHOOT THE BALL!!!”

  1. I remember doing this to my girls at their swim meets, I would step in front of the coach at meets and yell Reach,Go,Go, and not only odd my girls get embarrassed but the coach had to give me a look and let me know that was her job! I don’t regret it though! Although I did pull back and let my kids just enjoy after awhile because they were not great swimmers and I did not want to discourage them as I did at times and I only regret telling them in a way that gave them stress to do better, having a good time is part of the sport I should had started them on instead looking back.

  2. Off topic, I really love watching you and your mom. I wish we lived in your area the other day you spoke about some struggles you had in Germany when you were younger and it helped me see in a positive light similar things one of my daughter went through a couple years ago. I so appreciate your transparency Sarah. I pray for you and your family what a great mom you are!

  3. Seeeeee you need to blend your television and personal ministry, likewise with the other just let it be… and you be you – the fingerprint God gave you.

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