A Helpful Trick

The other day, I received some really bad news & it was very discouraging & rather disheartening. It was interesting to watch my reaction because I did something kind of absent-mindedly that I would not have normally done. I started to remember things during the day for which I was thankful. I started thanking God for getting the kids to school on time. I thanked God for helping me to not be rude to someone who had said something hateful to me. I thanked God for getting to eat lunch at home & for the nice coffee there. I started to thank God for all kinds of things & shortly thereafter, rather than being depressed about the negative news that I had received, my heart was lots more encouraged, lite & even loving.
Being thankful is a helpful lifestyle & not merely a seasonal celebration 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Helpful Trick

  1. Amen it is please our heavenly Father when we appreciate His goodness in our lives and it open doors to answer our current situatians.

  2. The title “A Helpful Trick” caught my eye, and I read the post. The content touched my heart, and I decided to reply. In reference to the bad news you received, this is a helpful trick I’ve recently learned to help me cope with bad news.

    Bad news is much like a shadow. It’s far larger than the reality that is actually present. It casts a darkness that follows our every move, and we can never see the details of the object from which the shadow is cast. For example, imagine a shadow of your face. You cannot see two eyes or the color of those eye, nor can you see a bright smile or beautifully aligned pearly white teeth!

    In your “shadow” of bad news remember this: shadows can only exists with light. Your light is closer than you think. Shadows offer shade. Through wisdom with Jesus, you will find a way to recycle the darkness of the shadow of bad news to shade that cools you while hell tries to throw its firey darts of bad news toward you. Shadows are temporary and cease to exist under certain conditions. The bad news that beset you will cease to exist under the conditions of the Blood, the cross, and our Savior! Finally, while you cannot see the details, God is definitely working them out, even though the shadow currently obscures them.

    While I don’t know the details of your battle, I do know that you, absolutely, win the war! How do I know this? Like you, I read the end of the book ~and~ I know the graciousness of the Savior we serve. He just doesn’t ensure our victory in the end. He ensures it along the way of our journey called life. He always causes us to triumph!!

    Be blessed Sara! Bad news will NEVER triumph over you! Bad news is just a confirmation that hell is trembling in fear because of the capacity in which God is using you! It’s merely a shadow that will soon be overtaken by the light of our Christ!

  3. Good one T.P. – Sarah quick question – “what keeps you from referencing the Word or a passage along with your observations of life?” Especially since that seems to be one of you and your mother’s strong suit – the Word.

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