Christmas cranky

Christmas brings out the best & the worst in us.  We tend to be more generous & compassionate but at the same time more impatient and cranky.  Christmas motivates us to see the needs of people around us, like Saving Moses, but because of the increased pressure & work that can come with this season, we can also be more self-centered and less flexible.  In the next few weeks, I’m planning to do some really practical & honest blogs about dealing with Christmas.  Below are a few ideas about handling cranky people in the Christmas season:

  • remember that Christmas isn’t an easy season for many people to navigate (deaths in family, difficult memories, loneliness, financial pressures, etc)
  • if someone is cranky, don’t let their behavior & attitude infect your words or attitude
  • plan ahead to be extra patient, gracious & kind (pre-planning our attitudes is a great tool to have available when the need arises)
  • gain satisfaction from being generous & kind, not from the person’s reaction (internal versus external fulfillment)
  • keep Jesus at the center – full stop.

3 thoughts on “Christmas cranky

  1. Thank you Sarah, sometimes reminding us of that really, really helps. I have to be very patient with someone who is depressed, but yet not let it affect me.

  2. OK ACTING 101 – our society pays millions of dollars to watch people be someone they aren’t – movies like Abraham Lincoln (well we know he didn’t get out of the grave to play the leading role – whew!) BUT, JESUS did !!! He actually got out of the grave and is with us everyday – even Christmas time.
    SINCE – all of us adults know that Christmas is NOT really Christmas and Santa well he doesn’t exist either (really? teach kids to believe in jolly ole instead of the Holy Spirt?) – so why let yourself or someone else be bothered with a myth or a fantasy when you can believe in the real deal – Jesus (see paragraph #1).
    THEN – to finally come to the realization that Dec. 25th really isn’t Jesus birthday – Oh man!! That hurts..because it is mostly the churches that continue to perpetuate the manger scene and become “pharasytical (sounds like a bad disease)” over fra-la-la-la-la-la-la December 25th.
    So let’s all get on with the real deal – Agape love and perpetuate the greatest commandments of simply LOVE – especially at Christmas time. Smiles – Hope I didn’t steal any thunder on any future blogs – sorry and when is your Christmas services hahaha. Much agape

  3. Thank you for reminding us of ourselves and to remember to behave in reminding us Christmas is about walking in love because Jesus loved us.

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