During this Christmas season, I’ve been really thinking about Jesus being a newborn & it’s totally rocking my world.  I’ve been thinking about Mary having labor in a room where the sheep, goats, cattle, etc were kept.  I’ve been thinking about what it was like for her to go through labor for her first time, not at home and maybe not in a very comfortable place.  I’ve been thinking about Jesus being a newborn – what a TOTALLY CRAZY thought.  The Son of God, present at the creation of the world, prophesied to Adam & Eve, the Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Everlasting Father (Is 9:6) and eagerly anticipated for thousands of years being a newborn baby.

Having had three newborn babies (I have three kids) and getting to work first hand with babies with Saving Moses, I’m blown away to think about the second person of the Trinity being a newborn baby – it takes my breath away to think of Jesus as a newborn 🙂


3 thoughts on “newborn

  1. Me too Sarah and to imagine what those first moments were like for Mary when she first saw her little son of God. It all is so exciting and amazing.

  2. To think about all that Mary went through and Joseph probably wasn’t any help since touching of blood would render him unclean…my granddaughter just had a baby and she was scared to death and she had all the new gadgets at the hospital, plus doctors and partner to help…but God did right when he chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus, He knew she was strong and could take it….but still, God bless Mary. And yes, to think that God came in the form of an infant!

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