Sometimes I think that comfort can be debilitating.  Comfort can be the path of least resistance, the lack of stretching and sometimes the lack of growing.  It’s definitely possible that when Jesus, the Son of God, was a newborn that He was uncomfortable – but all to our benefit!

I find that when I get in uncomfortable situations, if I lean into the Holy Spirit, I’m not nearly as uncomfortable.  I may be stretched, pushed to grow, improve and get stronger.  But ultimately if I have to make a choice, I’d rather grow, get stronger, improve and mature than remain comfortable, even in this busy Christmas season 🙂

One thought on “uncomfortable

  1. Hmmm in watching the program this morning and reading your blog it makes me ponder how lazy and selfish we are just being Americans verses the villages, starvation, and unpleasantries of the daily life of the third world countries, we have no right to complain. Thanks for keeping us focused on “saving Moses”. Blessings (maybe on the column your Techical people could give us an immediate link? Or maybe I don’t see it??)

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