reality check

My family had a really wonderful Christmas break full of fun, snuggling, coziness, time, laughing, great food and a well needed exhale.  I’m extremely happy that God gives us exactly what we need, when we need it!  As an interesting side note, one of my kids had to do some extra school work for catching up in class.  This child seemed to think that putting in 20% effort would be enough to squeeze by.  Needless to say after checking this homework, I helped this child to have an education revelation related to effort, quality and general work ethic 🙂

I’m learning a lot from my kids that I probably should have learned much earlier in my life – but alas, better late than never!  So here’s a great lesson from the education revelation over Christmas break:

I’d rather deal with the pain that can come from truth than the destruction than can come from deception.