Feedback please!

First, let me say thanks so much for reading my blog! I know you could chose lots of things to do, so thank you lots for reading this! I’m considering doing possible a weekly series on like hot topics, but still keeping it short.
I have 2 questions for you:
1 – do you like the idea of a weekly series (1 day a week)?
2 – what topics would be interesting to you?

Thanks HEAPS for your feedback!

13 thoughts on “Feedback please!

  1. Do you mean weekly topics and you keep doing daily comments? Or only weekly topics? I like your daily blogs they are short and to the point and enjoyable. I don’t know about anyone else but sometimes those daily ones lead me out of some bad stuff and for that I truly am grateful for your wisdom! Thank you and blessings! Josie

  2. I love reading your blog because it is such a nugget of teaching and truth in a short little package. I would like a weekly teaching series, but I also echo the previous comment in that I appreciate the little random word of wisdom.
    May God continue to bless you and your family!

  3. I would write something similar to what Josephine said. I enjoy your daily wisdom and just being together. It gives me hope and I also enjoy the glimpses you give us of your family. Great. God bless you.

  4. Daily topics are the best and weekly hot topics with the rest being centred around the hot topic for the week would be extra coooool.

  5. A weekly series would be OK with me, especially a teaching with a scripture or memory verse, like, maybe, pick different books of the bible and tell a short synopses about each, each week, and how we could apply that to our lives today. Thank you for asking, any teaching you do I will love, Sarah.

  6. Wow! Great Responses! YOU SHOULD DO WHAT THE HOLY SPIRIT HAS DIRECTED YOU TO DO !!! I appreciate your request for input but…

  7. I enjoy your daily words of wisdom… gives us a glimpse of not only what God is doing in your life but in your family also.. I am interested in learning more about the women in the bible…

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