the shortest distance

We’ve all heard the geometry postulate that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  With this premise, it’s logical to think about the things that we want & make a direct beeline toward these desires.  For example, if I want to serve a salad for dinner, I need lettuce, so I go to the grocery store to get the lettuce so I can make the salad.  Done.

It seems to me that having a close walk with God is an interesting adventure that doesn’t always seem to follow the same “straight line” thinking.  It seems to me that  being close to God is a daily journey that takes some unexpected twists and turns.  Growing close to God isn’t always a straight line journey – so let’s be open to how God leads us to be closer & closer to God day by day.

One thought on “the shortest distance

  1. Maybe that is one reason that geometry wasn’t my favorite …..hahaha. Hmmmm -However, is it God not giving us the straight-line answer and us not listening so well, or us trying to figure out what He said and therefore going around the mountain several times before we get it…hmmmm.
    Admitting that there are always some hidden surprises along the journey – both good and sometime seemingly bad (but does the bad strengthen our good). Wow existential hahaha – The joy of the Lord is….not taking life so seriously.

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