hot topic: Olympics

I always enjoy watching the Olympics because it’s the culmination of gargantuan effort, committment, focus and training for the best results possible.  As such, it amazes me to see these competitions & it rips my guts out when I see one of the competitors fall, crash, miss a jump or mess up.  I know that they didn’t get to the place where they are in the Olympics without having numerous falls, errors, mistakes & flaws.  In my thinking, what is extremely noble about each of these athletes is that they don’t quit.  Reminds me of Paul in Galatians 6:9 – don’t get weary in doing well for we will reap a harvest in due season.  Let’s be olympic in our endurance! 🙂

2 thoughts on “hot topic: Olympics

  1. I love your personal reflection on current events. I know how much time I’ve spent watching the Broncos and the Olympics and I am a little convicted in the thought of the difference In time invested vs. spending time with the Lord.

    Of course, I was not raised to think of those situations in regards to going to church Sunday am Sunday pm and Wed prayer mtg plus Youth groups was quite a time investment, too. But in the long run that was better than “not at all”, but I’m afraid I missed the Spiritual point.
    Heavenly Father – Child of God vs. child of Church. Hmmm… anyway point well taken on “run the race”, but for the right reason – the right purpose.

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