Leaping & Looking

There’s some good advice that says look before you leap & I used to make fun of that. Now I like that advice because my leaping & then looking has made for some scratchy challenges. But there are times when we can get paralyzed from looking – when we see a seemingly insurmountable challenge, when something looks impossible, when we don’t like what we see & much more. When Noah went in the ark, he’d been looking at that boat for a long time. Maybe he had some doubts or concerns, but he took the leap & saved humanity from being wiped out. Sometimes obeying God feels my like a flying leap ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “Leaping & Looking

  1. thanks I am in the middle of leaving my job and moving from Ohio to Connecticut…to help my parents…and have no job, no apartment and limited funds…and I need an operation on my eyes that could be done easier in ohio….but I am leaping…and following God’s leading…I have enough money….God has a job for me…God has favor for me…

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