Ever feel like there’s more month than money or more stress than supply?  If you’ve decided to follow Jesus, there’s a good chance that you might have some seasons that seem sparse, challenging & even stressful.  I was reading about Elijah this morning in 1 Kings & how there was a drought in Israel.  During the drought, God spoke to Elijah to go into the wilderness by a specific brook & God would make a provision for Elijah.  The provision was the brook & ravens bringing him breakfast & dinner.  After the brook dried up, God instructed Elijah to go to a particular town & that a widow was there who would take care of Elijah.  When Elijah obeyed, he learned that the widow was preparing to fix the last meal for herself & her son.

I find that both of these provisions (ravens & starving widows) were highly unconventional.  In our world, let’s not limit our obedience to God to conventional provisions.  Perhaps Elijah’s unconventional provisions were directly linked to his unconventional obedience to God – just something to think about ,)

6 thoughts on “provision

  1. Choice between “crazy” and following God. Unfortunately you have the woman driving into the ocean following the inner voices and then the devil getting credit for someone’s personal insanity. Tough call or just in need of mental therapy, drugs, medication, or both.
    How do you move up to the next level… where is the school of the prophets??

  2. Okay – as you “decide” to move up into the “big time” or take the “mantle” – you will come under more and more scrutiny – you know that….
    What I was saying in my last comment and I am not a racist, but sometimes you are called to step away from certain things.
    In regards to the Malcolm X deal – the bottom line as one review (not mine) put it-
    …..”Malcolm X was a violent street thug. He beat people up, robbed them, and dealt drugs. His primary source of income, however, was by being a pimp. As glorified as this piece of subhuman trash has become in rap songs and much of modern pop culture, let me explain exactly what it means.
    Malcolm X kept a bunch of women as his personal slaves. He controlled them through a mixture of drugs, fear, intimidation, and physical beatings. Then, he took all the money that they made from sleeping with other and…more
    Hmmmm really – Not Dr. King – think about it

  3. Mark, thanks so much for all of your comments, wisdom & feedback. In relation to your thoughts related to Malcolm X, please help me to what you’re referring because I don’t recall a blog post where I’ve discussed Malcolm X. Help?
    Thanks 🙂

  4. Thank you for the reply – I love your frankness and realness which is a real light amidst the voices of the “megachurches” even though their intentions are well meant I believe you represent the feminine side of “I AM” – in other words who doesn’t want a hug from God. Selah
    In regards to Malcolm X I agree he was a man with great aptitude for change but not at the expense of corruption – black or white. Unfortunately you represent him as one of the recommended reads under GOOD READS on the right hand column of your daily comments – which I love, but not MX – I don’t want it to come back to haunt you later in your ministry as he was a person of great questionable moral character, maybe try Andy Andrews – “The Butterfly Effect”
    Blessings to you and your family

    • Mark, thanks lots for your feedback with the Malcolm X Autobiography on my Good Reads list. You have an interesting perspective that I’m really thinking about. I totally need to update my Good Reads list – for sure (I think I haven’t put anything on it for more than 2 years). With that being said, my reason for listing Malcolm’s autobiography among the rest of the books that I’ve read is to communicate that I have the ability to read a wide array of books, including the ones that are controversial & I won’t agree with. I”m thinking about your feedback, so thanks much for the “dialogue” 🙂

  5. As you know “religious” critics are tough – I’ve been in state and local politics most of my life and there are none crueler than those – ask Jesus. Diversity vs. Being Misunderstood tough call. Smiles

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