Pay attention!!

The world in which we live would have us focusing on everything from ginsing knives to stolen passports in Malaysia! Look here! Listen to this! Give me your attention! FOCUS HERE!! There are lots of things that could easily grab our attention & if we aren’t careful, we could miss what’s really important.
I was reading in 1Kings 19 this morn about Elijah & how he was in a cave & he heard a MASSIVE wind (strong enough to break rocks), saw a fire that seemed to come from nowhere & experienced an earthquake. For me, all of those things packed in a short amount of time would totally freak me out! But Elijah was praying attention for that which was of greatest value – the still small voice.
Let’s determine to be like Elijah & not get distracted by crisis but rather lets remain attentive to God speaking into our lives! 🙂