Hot Topic: religious movies

Lately, the US has several movies with religious overtones, like “God’s Not Dead”, “Noah”, “Son of God” & a few more. For those of us who follow Jesus, we get really excited for the general public to see some of things from the Bible with God participating in the human experience. For people who are not followers of Jesus, they can sometimes feel like Jesus’ followers can get dogmatic & judgmental. I find all of these ideas & paradigms interesting in light of what Jesus said about His followers in John 13:35 – people will know that you follow Me because of your love for one another. Seems to me that the defining characteristic of Jesus’ followers from Jesus’ teaching is love 🙂

One thought on “Hot Topic: religious movies

  1. AS YOU KNOW…..There are always going to be critics no matter what, BUT the movie God’s not Dead is GREAT!!! And I look forward to Heaven is Real. Just got to admit a little bit of Jesus & God on the screen is a WHOLE LOT better than most of the crap that hollywood put’s out. However, it is like elections .. if you like the continuation of mass sex, murder, and paganism then sit at home and scratch your head wondering why there is nothing good on TV or the Movies…Hmmmm a little support goes a long ways.

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