Hot Topic: Magic Johnson

I really like basketball & the recent racial disgrace with the NBA Clippers & Mr Sterling has been disturbing. Adding more fuel, there’s been some public comments about Magic Johnson & then Magic replying about these comments. The nature of the banter gives us a place to look into ourselves & consider our own actions & words.
Some things to consider:
*If someone verbally attacks you, do you attack back? Magic Johnson replied that he would pray for Mr Sterling after Mr Sterling made some questionable comments.
*If we expect perfection from public figures, we are indeed naive & perhaps our focus is misplaced
*Whats the high ground? It seems to me that all high ground almost universally includes forgiveness.
*If you’re looking for someone after whom to model your behavior & to idolize, pick Jesus 🙂

3 thoughts on “Hot Topic: Magic Johnson

    • Mark, thanks for your reply & sharing your insights. I of course respect your thoughts, but I feel compelled to respectfully disagree. I believe that our actions & behaviors here, have echoes into eternity & as such, I believe it is very important to reflect carefully about what we say & do during our limited time on earth. Thank you, of course for reading my blog with such consistency & for your regular feedback!

  1. Aha! THANK YOU for taking the time for your response, but I must also in love and respect disagree with your personal perspective for this social situation. And perhaps we are saying something similar from opposite sides of the block. Yes indeed the scriptures point out that we should be ready with an answer which leads me to Proverbs 16 and we could make a good point and counterpoint team on this one. We all know that God loves both of those (almost said gentlemen) individuals as He does you and I.
    Verse 17-20 depicts at least the public persona of both Mr. Sterling and Mr. Johnson that does not in my mind further any respect to the Kingdom of our Lord. Their pocket change could support Saving Moses which is far more important than their “womanizing” lives of money and greed that they both have portrayed (not a judgement just reporting back the facts). Should we pray for their souls – yes. Other than that I still fail to see the significance for mentioning either party – would be similar to “recognizing” either one of the theater or school shooters names for the mis-deeds that they did to innocent parties.
    Age old question – why Hitler?? And why venomous snakes and cockroaches?? I don’t know but God does. BETTER POINT – I LOVE WHAT YOU AND YOUR MOM DO EVERY MORNING TRYING TO MAKE OUR WORLD A BETTER PLACE WHILE CONSTRUCTIVELY GIVING US NEW THOUGHTS IDEAS AND PERSPECTIVES (this one maybe being an exception haha).
    Final point is that I wouldn’t want either party to mentor one of my kids. There are too many other positive role models to mention, while thinking on the good things in life as instructed not overpaid millionaires that are wasting money on the things of this world. Note: I like sports – received 5 athletic letters in high school despite being a polio victim – brother Medical director for National Hockey League and formally Drug Doctor for the NBA – maybe he could speak on your program as he has been on Oprah etc. He is often in town visiting the Avalanche players.
    Once again great job from an admirer of your ministry.

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