A-MAZING, seriously

Yesterday, I had the honor of attending a church service in Ethiopia & I had an incredible experience during part of their worship – off the chain! Ok, here’s the deal: I LOVE praise & worship and I’ve been extremely blessed to join in fantastic worship services literally around the world for more than 3decades & what I experienced yesterday was nothing less than OUTRAGEOUS.
There was a really large group that had traditional instruments & dressed in the traditional orthodox attire, starting off with what seemed like a nice cultural presentation & just when I was settling in to enjoy some nice historical Ethiopian tradition, I lost the plot because I could sense the Holy Spirit in such intensity that I still can’t find adequate words, almost 24 hours later.
Yesterday’s experience was completely inundated with God’s presence & it had nothing about it that is modernly familiar or “normal”: no guitars, keyboards or synthesizers. There was 1 ancient calfskin drum played by a girl, no microphones or anyone addressing the audience. Instead, there were probably 50 or so men & women completely & passionately focused on giving praise to God, the Community of love. They sang & danced with 100% commitment no matter what the people watching were doing. As a result, I found myself totally dialed into focusing on God, joining with them to exalt & honor God.
Let me just say that there are many ways & expressions to worshipping God. Don’t fall into the trap that you need lights, cool music, trendy dressed leaders, mixes that appeal to your music preferences, perfectly regulated temperatures & a comfortable seat / environment to exalt our Creator. While these things can be very nice, let’s keep our focus, passion & intent purely devoted to lifting up the Lover of our soul. Clean, pure, intense & totally devoted worship, full stop




4 thoughts on “A-MAZING, seriously

  1. How totally awesome!! Thanks for the share – Hey just imagine that is almost exactly what it must have been like in the white framed church 100 years ago with the solid oak pews, windows open, hand fans, and a message from the heart of God – we’re so spoiled and God still loves us. Totally ENJOY!

  2. Good News is God’s still the same. Hey I was listening to the morning program as I always try to do rather than the bad news (except my son dates the channel 4 morning weather girl) and your mom was praying for shoulders BINGO – THE ANGINA IN MY LEFT SHOULDER WAS HEALED. Before I couldn’t lift my hand above my head – this morning I was lifting weights.
    All Glory to God and thanks Mama Marilyn for the Prayer. Yahoo! (it’s mid-nite here in Denver and the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “ahhh Mark did you forget to make notification of gratification – so
    There you have it.

  3. A pleasure reading the above. I have had the honour of attending an Ethiopian service many years ago here in Dubai and the amazing level of passion and intensity that one observes in the entire congregation is something to rejoice about. The Ethiopian Pastors we know here are also highly committed, full of love and joy, ready at all times to pray with us and encourage us. There are several Ethiopian congregations meeting in Dubai and also in Al Ain where I now live. I still have with me the video recording of the praise and worship put on by the Ethiopian church as part of our New Year’s service many years ago.

    Interestingly, I intended to send in a prayer request, based on the ending part of a message by Marilyn that I managed to catch last night, and that’s how I ended up here and am glad to have read this. I will be sending in the prayer request as soon as I have composed it.

    Many thanks for the wonderful ministry you are all doing and for your obedience to the voice of the Lord.

  4. Sarah, And we were so blessed to have your Mom, you and your team bless us in the Word, and praying over us. I have been here almost 10 years and in ministry almost 35 now. Yet, I believe I have learned more in the last 10 years than in my whole time in ministry because of the love of the Ethiopian people. They have taught me more than I could ever teach them.

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