hot topic: I want your opinion :)

Greetings & happy mid-week to you!  I’m working on a message about family & really want your input.  Please answer this question (I’m not “grading” any answers & I’m not looking to judge or critique your feedback – I just want your wisdom,  thoughts & insights):

???What is a functional family???

Thank you!!!!

19 thoughts on “hot topic: I want your opinion :)

  1. Several things must be present for a family to be functional and even then it happens in degrees. No family is 100 percent functional 100 percent of the time. The following are important ingredients that help “bump up” the degree of functionality in a family:

    1) Genuine love that puts others first 2) Grace and forgiveness when people aren’t perfect – I guess that means always 3) Excellent communication – this takes time, effort, and “deliberate -ness” 4) LOTS OF HOLY SPIRIT HELP

    Thanks, Diane


  2. Blessings!
    So a functional family no matter whether it’s friends, church, biological or not, or a community family- a group more than 1 (could just be Jesus and you) that loves, supports, encourages, and protects.

  3. Yikes! That is a big question with no easy answer I think. Hmmm, I would say that it doesn’t exist. We are all kinda dysfunctional but what matters in the end is if people can still love and support one another in spite of differences but that is tough. I don’t like the word functional because we are all functioning according to our own capabilities at that time. So….I don’t know. Tough one.

  4. Hi Sarah! Wow, that’s a great question. We strive to be a “functional family” every day (yet fail almost daily) and what we pray for is to make it through the entire day being as loving and kind to each other and others as possible and to empty ourselves daily, so Jesus can fill us up and we would be walking, talking, breathing, shining examples of Him to all we come into contact with. That’s my perfect definition of what a “functional family” is for us. Love you Sarah!!!! Thank you for your daily posts. They are immeasurable. 🙂 XOX

    Jen Essman iPhone


  5. a functional family is one who goes to church all together, prays together at any time, and talks to eachother, loves everyone they know, also who reads the word of God daiy at the table with the husband being the leader but not disrespectful to his wife. Also openess and honesty at all times. Julie Womach

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  6. I truly believe a “functional family” is one where you have the freedom to voice your worries, fears, joys, etc. in a respectful way without fear of retaliation. You have the freedom to be yourself and relax around them.

  7. Hmmm, I haven’t read any of the above replies, but in short I believe a functional family is made up of members that all have a desire to work together and have their hearts engaged with the family. Thanks for asking!

  8. One that functions “in Him”. Outside of Him the mistakes we make can leave permanent damage and scars, but in Him a family finds that His grace is sufficient and His strength is made perfect even in our weakness. Even if only one member of the family is in Him they find that He is able to completely save!

  9. Where parents learn to work out their issues, all the while, teaching their children how to. Not perfection, but learning to recover from real pain, real disappointment and heartache. At the same time celebrating together and rejoicing over individual accomplishments, victories, and breakthroughs. I’ve always taught my children who are now 23, 19, 14 – learn how to have a good healthy relationship with each other, then you will be able to have other good relationships 🙂 Honoring each other is very important too 😉
    But for the grace of God!

  10. Sarah, thanx alway for Inspiring us daily. For me a functional family is one whose trust is in God and depend on the power of the Holy Spirit daily. Prays together daily
    Open with each other, not hiding anything. Plans everything together and compliment each other.

  11. Because all people are dysfunctional ( sinners) then a group of people called ‘family’ must also be dysfunctional – Therefore all families are dysfunctional to varying degrees

  12. Hey – so since you have had a tremendous response. Plz let us all know when it goes to Sunday Sermon Thanks

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