agile or fragile

I recently returned from a “quick” trip to Ethiopia, a country that I love for her magnificent people, fabulous coffee & opulent culture!  When I do alot of traveling in a short amount of time, I can often feel rather fragile & sometimes overwhelmed.  This trip, however, has been an interesting experience.  In the past, I’ve taken some time & space to kind of work through the fragile feeling that I experience from the traveling.  This trip is different.  Upon returning home, I’ve been confronted with MASSIVE amounts of work, pressure and demands – add on the jet lag & it could easily be a recipe for catastrophe, without a blink.


I’ve been praying A WHOLE LOT & I find that God is helping me to be more agile than fragile.  Let’s never neglect to ask God for Help, who is the Holy Spirit 🙂

3 thoughts on “agile or fragile

  1. I just had the similar experience with taxes that created 2 weeks of 16 hour days. When I felt at wits end and my body started talking to me (negatively), then I found that a true Sabbath was my salvation for continuing into the next week.
    Unfortunately YOU HAVE TO SERVE (really?) but you need to find 24 hours to just hide away to fight into the next week. People scoff at quitting on Friday sundown and worshipping at home for 24 hours, but maybe tradition, and the Torah actually knows what is best for family and work..

  2. I am home with e hauls tigon today – everyone has a different level of coping and sometimes we move outside of Gods anointing – the sabbath day must’ve been created so that we don’t collapse in a heap!

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