do you want to be successful?

How’s that for a stupid question!?!!  I don’t start anything with the intent to fail & I most certainly do not like to fail, full stop.  But some of my thinking about success has been changing & I’m becoming more aware that many of my ideas about success have been more influenced by my American culture rather than the Bible.  My culture says that success is all about being bigger, better, more, power, stronger, wealthy, popular, image driven, new, hip, trendy & all things glitz & glam.  In the American culture, success isn’t about being broken, serving, homely, unpopular or tarnished, some of the things that Jesus personified & taught.  The more I think about success from a cultural versus a biblical perspective, I have to conclude that my culture and the Bible don’t always agree.  The important part of the disagreement is the side on which I chose to live.  If I have to chose between being successful based on the Bible or on my culture, I’m going to side with the biblical definition of success 🙂

How about you?

4 thoughts on “do you want to be successful?

  1. Talk about the nail on the head – you hit it sister. I certainly don’t like to fail BUTTTTTTTT
    Wow did the Lord do some re-adjusting in my heart. Of course with my other successful peers the Babylon standard still exists SUCCESS=WEALTH=THINGS,and it is tough to break that mindset and quite candidly when I pull up in my “blessing” vehicle, then the adversary does jump in your face. Uuuuggghh so it’s right back to more PRIDE training and re-working the formula.

  2. I hear what your sayin’. If I measure my life against “American” standards I look like a huge failure but when I measure my life against “God’s” I come out a huge success. He knows the motives and the prayer of my heart.

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