Our culture tells us that “more” isn’t enough.  We need more money, more time, more status, more popularity, more followers, more friends, more activities, more education, more clothes, more muscles, more fitness, more image, more contacts, more influence, . . . . . . . I’ve been thinking about “more” in light of what the Bible says about the demands of our culture for more & increased provisions.

In the Bible, God is revealed as God our Provider / Provision in Genesis 22, when Abraham discovers the “ram in the thicket” as he’s about to sacrifice his son Isaac.  Our culture thoroughly affirms the truth that God is our Provider and we revel in experiencing God’s provisions (in an already abundant country).  But Abraham’s journey to experience God as his Provider was on the path of sacrifice.  The whole journey that ended up with Abraham experiencing God’s provisions was the preparation and journey of obedience & sacrifice.  Maybe what we really need is more sacrifice 🙂


One thought on “provision

  1. Very observant. Very true. Very unfortunate… for the most part. And, where does the funnel end – for the most part in greed and or survival to keep up with their peers. Uuuugggghhh
    But I know I would have to lay my stone down because we miss the mark (no pun) so often – isn’t that called sin?? But thanks to God’s grace we get to pick ourselves back up, dust our selves off and try it again. Thank you God!
    – Hey Sarah, message “don’t try to take on all the cares of the world this week – the Lord has it covered. Blessings to you Selah Smile 🙂

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