politically correct

When I look at Jesus’ life & words, it seems to me that He made folk either super happy or super ticked.  He frequently made the religious establishment of His day really upset with how He confronted their hypocrisy & double standards.  On the flip side, He readily embraced & accepted those who were marginalized, unpopular & even semi-rogue-ish.  Jesus was known as a friend of sinners.  So in my thinking as it relates to our modern living, it seems to me that if I’m going to follow Jesus, then it’s important to authentically connect with people who have been marginalized, those who are less popular and even some folk who could be considered renegades.  Maybe this is one of the reasons why I love what Saving Moses does with our nightcare program, where we take care of the babies of sex workers while their moms work.  Some people think of this kind of help in terms of fostering prostitution, empowering fornication or enabling seedy living.  I prefer to see nightcare as a way to genuinely love these babies, who are easily the least of the least in our modern world 🙂

5 thoughts on “politically correct

  1. The mothers of those babies are the ones who need all the help so they can stop working and take care of their children.

    • Maria, thanks lots for your comment & feedback. There are almost hundreds of organizations that assist the moms in a multitude of ways but there isn’t a single organization entirely devoted to assisting these babies who have absolutely no way to help themselves. I’m totally in favor of helping the moms, but Saving Moses exists to meet the needs of babies & toddlers who are ages 0-5 where the need is most urgent & the care is least availabe 🙂

  2. The purpose is to help those who can’t help themselves – the little children. Your Mission –
    never look back no matter what anyone says!!

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