hot topic: Hobby Lobby


Christian for profit corporations in America have been holding their breath, waiting for the Supreme Court ruling on the Hobby Lobby case related to the Affordable Care Act & contraception.  This topic has been hotly contested saying that women’s reproductive rights have been infringed upon and others advocating that the government should not have the power to govern decisions of for profit organizations pertaining to the corporations religious beliefs, specifically related to contraception.

This is an interesting topic for me as I just returned from India to look at expanding nightcare with Saving Moses to our 2nd country.  I visited a few red light districts and learned that even though some sex workers have unionized and are putting pressure on the clients to use condoms, the individual sex worker is still largely at the mercy of her economic condition, being able to earn more money through unprotected sex rather than requiring her clients to wear this protection.  On the heels of trying to wrap my head around the daily survival efforts of sex workers in India, I’m home in the US and we are grappling with forcing private businesses to comply with government regulations that oppose their religious convictions.  We live in an interesting world and my take away on this, at this point isn’t very sophisticated nor intellectually engaging – my take away is that I want to genuinely love well 🙂

2 thoughts on “hot topic: Hobby Lobby

  1. My heart aches for those precious souls that will be driven even further away from God by this. So much damage is done by legalistic Christians wanting to enforce “Christian” morals on the community. They never get to learn about the God Who is Love, Compassion, Mercy. This to me smacks of what Jesus said to the Pharisees in Matthew 23:4, or indeed all of that “woe unto you” rebuke. In addition, the contraceptive pill is used medically for other female conditions, not just preventing conception. If only churches were equally quick to make themselves accountable for their own sins, with so much child abuse that is concealed. I speak from experience here. I so long for Christian leaders to address this issue, but the silence is deafening. I’ll finish by saying that I dearly love Marilyn, and she has become my chief role model in tandem with Gloria Copeland.

  2. i’m still failing to see where the churches are only minimally doing anything except lip service to abortion. Why not take a pro-active stance here in America to give femaies a “choice to have their babies” in a positive format or temporary homes which lead to the change of our entaglement of the adoption processes

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