I’m leading our first Saving Moses team trip & we are in Cambodia working with our nightcare work & it’s awesome!! I was reflecting in my heart this morning as we were flying into Cambodia how God had placed the dream of nightcare into my heart, made it become a reality & now I get to introduce our team to God’s amazing work & love demonstrated 6nights a week to the least of the least – babies & toddlers of sex workers. Tonight was our first night & I think everyone had an amazing time albeit jet lagged & hazy. As we go to sleep tonight, I’m thanking God for being the tangible & continuous expression of Genuine Love. Thanks for reading this & I pray that you think of Gods astounding love for you as you go through your day 🙂



3 thoughts on “Wowzers!!

  1. I don’t see the benefit in babysitting to make it easy for a harlot to go to work. She will be sleeping the next day and will not be able to care for her child either. Wouldn’t be better to help the woman to get out of that lifestyle?

    • Maria, thank you massively for your comment! At a first glance, your feedback would seem really accurate but here are a few things to keep in mind: there are more than a dozen organizations & Ministires here to help the moms but there is not one organization solely devoted to helping their babies, the least of these. I chose to care for these babies because each one is a gift of God 🙂

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