Drop your teeth!!

Hello from Cambodia & our 1st Saving Moses team trip!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how thoroughly amazing this trip is!!! Our team is nothing less than divine – doing everything from assembling cribs, to painting, walking through indescribable gross, loving on moms & playing with babies & toddlers, expressing genuine love at every opportunity! I can’t brag on this team enough!!!! Pictures speak volumes!
Furthermore, we just opened our 3rd nightcare here & tonight, we had 5babies at it already – totally miraculous!
Truly, God does all things very well 🙂
Stay posted to hear more amazing God things from this trip!






3 thoughts on “Drop your teeth!!

  1. Thats good to take care of unattended kids but why don’ you stop their mothers from sex work. It is not good in sight of God as well, you can do this by giving them or their husbands a job opertunity.
    I hope God will happy more than present 🙂

  2. so maybe when you get back we can talk about an alternative house for unwed mother’s in Franktown. I already have a donor for the property. It’s an alternative solution to abortion.

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