Street Babies

We’ve concluded our 3rd day here & as we were taking a pause, we took a walk along a really busy area for nightlife here in Phnom Penh. As we were walking, I literally almost stumbled over these babies where sleeping on the sidewalk. Please watch my 30sec video on my sarah bowling fb page


3 thoughts on “Street Babies

  1. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Why can we perceive the unbelievable negative aspects but it is hard for us to visualize the UNBELIEABLE positive miracles before they transpire.
    Thank God – You Sarah were able to do that and then see the fruit of your belief and miracles.

  2. God so led you in the right direction, and not a moment too soon. It takes a special heart like yours to make this happen for the precious kiddos. God bless and keep all of you safe. BLESSINGS

  3. Sarah, I pray for u every day. It’s so sad about these children. Believing for miracles , miracles , miracles. May The Lord cause His Face to shine upon what u r doing. Love and prayes

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