hot topic: Robin Williams death

I was really sad to learn about Robin Williams’ death & it’s even more tragic to learn that he committed suicide.  For my generation, he was a very significant person who made many valuable contributions in the entertainment industry and many other areas.  When I learned of his death, I of course thought of all the different roles that he played and only recently learned about his struggle with addiction & depression.

Depression is nasty stuff & we would be wise to be sensitive to people who are struggling in this area.  Cliche’ & quickie one-liners don’t usually help people who are depressed.  The “snap out of” talk, “pick yourself up by your boot straps”, “it’s all in your mind” along with other band-aid phrases can sometimes be nothing more than vaporous cotton candy, frothy & flimsy.  If you know someone who is wrestling with depression, here  are a few helpful tips:

  • be gentle & patient
  • genuine prayer is always valuable!
  • giving them some company can sometimes help

If you’re struggling with depression, here are some things that may help:

  • keep some regular routines: prayer, Bible time, church, going to sleep & waking at normal times
  • make healthy choices – food, sleep, water, relationships, . . . .
  • stay connected – isolation often makes depression worse

Let’s be sure to pray for the family of Robin Williams!

5 thoughts on “hot topic: Robin Williams death

  1. Yes it is so sad what happened. He brought so much laughter to so many, and I learned so much about him that I had not known. He knew Yiddish. I remember on one of the routines with Billy Crystal and Whoopie Goldberg at one of the fund raising comedy events. Whoopie was in the middle of Billy Crystal and Robin Williams and they said something like we are an Oreo cookie (not a quote). He really loved children and was very important to Saint Judes Hospital. He just seemed to be so giving and just – well – funny. I watched just today a video of one of his stand up routines. He said (again not a quote, but what I remember) Jesus was crucified, resurrected – how then does this become Easter bunnies? I don’t understand. He will be missed.

  2. It is still a selfish Godless decision that robs family and future generations of love gone bad.
    We still misunderstand the Torah as a way of life, ignore true family Sabbath rituals, and lose perspective of a loving, giving God because of our self centeredness.
    There is no drug only faith, only love, and taking care of the day sometimes 5 minutes at a time.
    Perhaps that’s why Christ emphasized the 2 rules of life about loving God, neighbor, then yourself. We get those priorities mixed up and it becomes damaging when self becomes the number one instead of the One.

    • Dear Sarah,
      Your sensitivity and wisdom are so kind and appreciated! Depression is a dark place and does not allow the affected one to comprehend the finality of their “solution”. I agree we need to pray for his family and loved ones.

  3. That is perhaps the wisest and most intelligent advice I’ve ever heard given regarding depression. As someone who has spent a lifetime keeping depression at bay, those one liners are the opposite of helpful and quite irritating actually. They often leave you feeling more alone than before. I especially agree with your comment on spending time with those afflicted with depression, because it does help more than anyone could possibly know.

  4. When you think about Robin and his legacy,this is the man who had it all. Fame, wealth, everyone liked him. He inspired thousands of people throughout the world. Un-matched God given talent. But when he arrived at the top of the mountain, he found it to be an empty place.Success will never satisfy without knowing God, (the giver of it all) The whole world can learn more from his death than we did while he was here, Its not about depression…its about world-class success without ever knowing The Giver and his Love. A person can only get depressed if they’re thinking about me,me,me. Very sad.

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