hot topic: Ferguson shooting

Recently, there was a shooting in a suburb of St Louis where a white police officer shot & killed an african american teen, Mike Brown.  There has been massive outrage, demonstrations and upheaval from this altercation with lots of accusations being thrown around.  The National Guard has been called in to the area, curfews have been enforced and there’s a tremendous amount of anxiety, pain, frustration, anger, hostility and even some violent reactions to these events.

My goal with this blog is not to throw more fuel into an already intense inferno.  Rather, I would ask you to join me in praying a few brief but powerful points for this situation:

  • peace and clarity
  • comfort and healing for the family who lost their son / family member
  • wisdom, strength and grace for the leaders in Ferguson & those who are involved in these events

3 thoughts on “hot topic: Ferguson shooting

  1. Hi Sarah, my name is Pastor Janette. Thank you for addressing the issue in Ferguson, MO. Other ministries on the forefront may have address it and maybe I have not heard them. You are the first I have heard and for that I am thankful. Here in Dayton, OH I am praying the same for a young african-American killed in a local Walmart while playing with a bb/air rifle. I’m sure you have heard about this event as well as others. It has been my prayer that God’s people above all people would have a heart to not judge or assume but to pray. To pray against the tireny of racism and oppression, in America and within the Body of Christ. God bless you and your mom always.

  2. Its a sad event that has taken place in Ferguson but how do you really pray God’s will to be done in this place with out feeling the pain and the cry of the people there? It bothers me that an other has lost her only boy her first born.

    • Regina, thanks loads for your comment! I totally agree with you that Ferguson is an extremely sad event & I think we can pray God’s will to be done at the same time that we feel the pain & the cry of the people there. Maybe our prayers become all the more intense because we do feel some of the pain this mom is experiencing from the loss of her son. Let’s pray that God brings redemption to this whole situation.

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