hot topic: Joan Rivers

Yesterday, Joan Rivers died and this was big news for various circles.  Honestly, I didn’t really know much about Joan Rivers until her death.  Thankfully, my husband knows a little something about everything, so he quickly brought me up to speed.  Having looked through some of her style of comedy, it’s not what appeals to me, except on one very important level.  She maintained an element of truth in her comedy, despite being coarse, biting and even degrading.  While I don’t appreciate humor that degrades others, I do appreciate truth and in that way, I choose to give honor to Joan for this part of how she presented her comedy.

It’s always easy to find bad things about people, but with her passing, let’s find the things that were valuable to honor their memory moreso than maximizing their failures, shortcomings and flaws 🙂

Have an awesome weekend!

19 thoughts on “hot topic: Joan Rivers

    • Joan Rivers was an amazing woman. This Sarah (nobody) person should maybe stick to writing about things she DOES know about, instead of judging an iconic entertainer after she is dead. Your blog blows!!

      • Allan, thanks much for your comment and feedback. I also read your comments on my mom’s fb page & I’m sorry that I wasn’t more clear for you in how I wrote about Joan Rivers. Thanks again for your comment.

  1. The following message was posted/written on Steve Bells (singer/song writer) face book page yesterday.

    I once chatted with an old limo driver (at the Winnipeg airport in Canada.) He had driven for most of his adult life and had tons of hilarious stories about famous people he’d chauffeured in his carreer.

    “Who was the nicest person you ever drove?” I asked.

    “Joan Rivers,” he said without batting an eye. “I was once her chauffeur for several days while she was in Winnipeg. She always sat up in the front so we could talk. She was very kind.”

  2. Thanks for your thoughts. I have seen so many posts by “Christians” pronouncing Joan’s entry into Hell on other social network sites because of her humor and possible lack of faith in Jesus, that it has angered me. No one should EVER sit in judgment of the eternal destiny of any individual’s soul as many proud self-righteous and arrogant Christians do. It happened for Robin Williams and is going on once again for Joan Rivers. None of us knows the heart as the Lord Himself does and it is His job and His job alone to pronounce the judgement of that individual’s eternal residence. Jesus earned that right and none of us did. He knows everything, has heard us in our pain, our suffering, our loneliness, our anger, our despair…He hears our prayers. He knows us in the wee small hours of the morning, when all the world is fast asleep, yet we are up and troubled. He is the ONLY ONE CAPABLE of judging perfectly. He knows our beliefs, our very thoughts intimately and thoroughly. He alone is fully capable of judging the heart of each of us and all of us. I leave it totally up to the Lord and pray that He uses me to attract others with my love rather than with my lack of love as this attitude conveys. Maybe we should talk more about this topic as it appears to be very popular lately. People who pronounce judgment on the eternal destiny of anyone’s soul are damaging the work of Christ and turning off potential believers, or new Christians who then think they will never measure up. NONE of us do! That’s why we ALL need a Savior! This arrogance, pride and self-righteous attitude is NOT from God! My prayer and hope is that both Robin and Joan accepted Jesus sometime in their lives, some way. It may appear as though they had not, but no one knows for certain but Jesus, our Lord and Savior Himself!!!!! Let’s love others to Him rather than condemn them and turn the nonbelievers who are contemplating faith in Jesus away!

    • Catherine, I am a believer and a follower of Jesus and thank you for your input. Nicely said and Kudos to you!! It has and never WILL be OUR place to judge! I have A FEELING many who think they are going to heaven will not!!

  3. In addition, I realize that Joan Rivers was Jewish as she often spoke of it. She said she thanked God before her performances. She supported the Jewish faith. I pray she is with the Lord now having somehow accepted Him. I also realize hers was not a strong testimony, if any, but I leave the final and perfect judgment up to Jesus. Also, so many stated Robin was in Hell because he committed suicide, too. That is WRONG! There is only one unforgivable sin and that is lack of faith in Jesus. “He who hath the Son hath life. He who hath not the Son hath not life, and the wrath of God abideth on him.” I know the infinite and eternal value of this most profound verse, but I wisely choose to leave the final judgment up to Jesus Himself. Robin expressed belief in Jesus and even though he suicided, that sinful act (a lack of faith at that moment) is like any other sin that he would NOT get any eternal rewards for, but it would NOT keep him out of Heaven itself away from the Lord’s presence…Some people are very shallow in their faith and mean besides. God forgives EVERYTHING, ALL of our sins, past, present and future, not some and there are none He will not forgive EXCEPT lack of faith in Jesus. My point is only He knows FOR SURE!!!! Even if the evidence appears strongly against any individual, we as humans, never have IT ALL …only God does. Let’s leave the eternal judging of the soul entirely up to Him and stop playing God ourselves! That is sinful!

  4. I watched a tribute program to Joan Rivers last night. She had her own ministry to bring food to millions of people. She started it out by delivering meals to Aids patients. She donated all her earnings from The Apprentice to her ministry. She fed the hungry, clothed the naked, gave to the poor and loved her family. She did know And acknowledge God. She wasn’t my kind of comedian yet she gave of herself to others. Much more than some people that call themselves Christians. I prayed before she passed on, that she knew Jesus and would go to live with Him in Eternity. Be kind to each other.

  5. Our society as a whole seems to have forgotten about kindness and compassion. Let us not be quick to decide for ourselves WHO and WHO IS NOT going to Heaven. Lets pray and be examples so everyone gets the fair shot at accepting Jesus!

  6. I had commented on the 6th, but apparently my comment was removed. It was biblical and sounds. How interesting that it was removed, as well as not commented on. Can you explain this???

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