Being Nervous

I’m not a big fan of being nervous. I usually mess stuff up when I’m nervous, make goofy mistakes & generally present myself poorly. I was on an important phone conversation earlier this week & I found myself getting nervous, stuttering, stumbling & sounding less than brainy :/
So what to do about being nervous? Here are a few helpful ideas:
*prepare ahead of time – usually my biggest downfall
*pray and ask God to give you peace
*stay focused on what’s immediate, not getting overwhelmed by what’s massive
*trust that God is bigger than your humanity & flaws – message out a mess, testimony from a test & redemption from rubble 🙂

Have an awesome weekend!!

3 thoughts on “Being Nervous

  1. That’s why the old timer’s sang “Standing on the Promises”, and “Count your many Blessings” exuberantly out of those long forgotten song books. Smile

  2. “The Circle Of Love – Prayerful Hope & Encouragement”
    Reflection: “Being Nervous”

    *Jesus Is The Center of Our Joy – Therefore, If We *Trust In HIM We Will NOT Become Nervous. “HE Keeps In Perfect Peace, Whose Mind Is Stayed ON HIM, Because They
    TRUST IN HIM.” I Am Sending *JOY TO YOU; Everyone, For A Wonderful Weekend! 🙂

    With Love & Gratitude ~
    *Blessing You All,
    Evangelist: @ The Prayer Corner

  3. Thank you Pastor Sarah for this message. I often times forget to ask God for peace, as I figure well if I didn’t do well on a test in college, it was my own fault, wich it is, but I know God can still give us peace, the devil doesn’t want us to feel peace, and I forget this. Thank you for that reminder. You are truly a blessing to me. ps I look up to you alot and I hope you know that. Julie

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